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Tutoring fees, availability, and payment methods

Fees and Services Offered

My fees

My current rate is $90/hour for single sessions of SAT prep and college admissions counseling, and $60/hr for ongoing sessions for any type of tutoring or for single sessions of English tutoring for one essay or assignment (see home page for Sessions Offered). The single sessions are more intensive because we have a lot of material to cover in a shorter span of time. I highly recommend an ongoing study plan for SAT prep due to the amount of information we need to cover. I keep my rates low because my main interest is in helping students to succeed. While you might pay $1,800/month at a large tutoring company (yes, really!), your child will not receive the personalized, caring, and pedagogically sound tutoring that they will receive from me. Sessions are a minimum of one hour and typically last no longer than three, but I will make exceptions for special circumstances.

Payment methods

At this time, I can only accept personal checks or cash, due at the time of the session. In certain cases, we can make payment arrangements, so please ask if you need to work something out. I am working on being able to accept major credit cards.


I offer group sessions for 2 or more students at a discount. The students must be tutoring for the same subject, and I will teach groups of up to four. One-time group sessions for 2 students will be billed at $120/hr ($60/hr discount), for 3 at $190/hr ($80/hr discount), and for 4 at $260/hr ($100/hr discount. Ask about group discounts for ongoing sessions.

You can also buy multiple hours in advance for ongoing sessions at the following discounts: 6 hours for $260 (a $100 discount), 8 hours for $330 (a $150 discount) or 10 hours for $400 (a $200 discount. Hours purchased must be used within 90 days of purchase. Refunds will be given up to 30 days after purchasing advance hours.

Additionally, I offer one free hour of tutoring for new student referrals.

Travel/Session location

If you are in the Richardson/Plano/Allen area, I will travel to you for appointments. Sessions can either be held at your home or the local library. If you live outside of these areas, please contact me and we will try to make arrangements. I may charge for travel time, and/or we may arrange a convenient meeting place.



I am available M-W-F from 1:00 PM - 7:00PM and Tuesday and Sunday from 9:00 AM-7:00 PM. We can also conduct our sessions via Skype, though students typically learn better in person, so I only recommend Skype lessons for extenuating circumstances or remote learners.